Welcome To My Travel Adventures!

Hi, I’m Andra, a full-time digital marketer (PPC Manager) and part-time traveler. I like to have a home base and travel as much as I can. I get about 3 weeks off a year and I make the best of it. I actually use mt PTO and sicks days as travel days. Most of my trips are weekend trips anywhere from a week or two. I currently live in St Pete, Florida, and enjoy taking some local Florida trips on the weekends.

Personally, my passion is traveling and learning about different cultures. This passion started about 10 years ago after I planned my first trip to the Bahamas back in college. After the Bahamas trip, I was hooked and kept taking as many trips as possible. I have always been a bargain hunter and enjoy sharing my deals with fellow travelers Travel is not only a hobby of mine but a priority of mine. I have a travel fund and save every month for travel. That’s right travel is a monthly bill for me! Follow me on Instagram @travelingwithandra to keep up with my travels!

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