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    The Ultimate 3 Days In Venice: Venice Travel Guide

    Venice Italy can be done in 1, 2, or even 3 days. I feel like 3 days in Venice is the perfect amount of time to explore and it gives you more time to relax. Even though Venice is quite small, there is still a lot to see. There are no roads in Venice! Be prepared to do a lot of walking or boating. My trip to Venice took place in September and the weather was nice. For moderate weather, travel in spring or fall. Venice consists of 118 islands that are connected by over 400 bridges. There are 6 different districts of Venice which are called sestieres. San Marco,…

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    6 Best Beaches in Tampa: By A Local

    Tampa is home to some of the best beaches in Florida. We have busy beaches with tons of entertainment or even quiet secluded beaches. Tampa has a beach that is right for you. This list will go over the best beaches near Tampa. These beaches are located across the Howard Franklin bridge and take about 30 min to 1 hour to get to from Tampa. The beaches located directly in Tampa are located on the bay and have murky water. The beaches over the bridge are worth the drive! So follow along to find out the best beaches in Tampa. Upham Beach Upham Beach is a hidden gem. It’s off…

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    20 Best Restaurants In St Petersburg: By A Local

    St Pete is definitely a foodie destination with some of the best restaurants around the Tampa Bay area. St Pete is known for seafood but we have all different types of food. Foodies will not be disappointed when visiting St Pete! This list has everything from high-end places with a view to your local mom and pop diners. This list has also been updated on 07/2023 to include some new restaurants that made the list. These restaurants are not sorted by the best, meaning #1 isn’t the best restaurant. They are sorted into categories of different types of food and it’s a general list of the top restaurants in St…