Welcome To My Travel Adventures!

Hi, I’m Andra, a full-time digital marketer, and part-time traveler. Travel is my favorite thing to do, and I do it as much as possible! I currently have a home base in St Pete, FL. The majority of my trips are extended weekend getaways, but I sometimes splurge and go for a week or two. In the past, I have done solo travel and long-term stays up to a few months at a time. On most weekends, you can catch me taking local Florida trips and checking out different beaches. I am definitely a beach girl and love finding those hidden gem beaches! So, I use all my PTO, sick days, and vacation days to travel.

Personally, my passion is traveling and learning about different cultures. This passion started about 10 years ago after I planned my first trip to the Bahamas back in college. After the Bahamas trip, I was hooked and kept taking as many trips as possible. I have always been a bargain hunter and enjoy sharing my deals with fellow travelers.

Travel is not only a hobby of mine but a priority of mine. I have a travel fund and save every month for travel. That’s right, travel is a monthly bill for me! I work on the side as a freelancer managing Google Ads accounts to help fund the travel bill. My blog is about maintaining a normal life while traveling part-time. I still like to have my home and be secure but love taking off on trips every few months.

My Blog also has a budget-friendly focus. I am big into finance, saving, and investing. I try to get the best deal for my travels. I don’t stay at 5-star resorts unless I can get a deal on it or if it’s actually worth it. I am about mid-priced or luxury on a budget. So check out my blog to find out how I find these deals!

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My blog does contain orange links that you can click and check out products, services or hotels, etc. I may earn a commission if you purchase, but it’s no cost to you! This helps to keep the blog up and running.

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